"It's never too late to

be your dope self"

I help you be free in who you are so you can align with your dreams  and live your dopest life.

What Up (Again?) I'm Christine, your Spiritual G.

If you're reading this, there's no coincidence.

You're ready to let go of what doesn't serve you,

so you can align with what does.

Perhaps you feel like something's missing. Deep down you know you're meant for more.

That there's a path, calling you.

One that brings you true happiness & success, freedom within.

Ultimately, one that is in alignment, with who you really are.

For sure, it's scary. You may not know where to start and how to get there...

What you do know is that you can't live the same way anymore. 

Perhaps you're done with...

- feeling repressed & not expressing your true self

 - the 9 to 5 & not doing what you love

             - relationships that don't value you and want to love yourself more

                          - letting fear stand in the way of your dreams, success, & happiness                                       

- feeling shame, guilt, unworthy, etc. for the parts of you that are different

                                                              Ultimately, of not being your dope self!





                                         It's being who your true and different self, what makes you dope.

                                          It's about standing in your truth, doing what what you love, being free

                                                          and in alignment with who you really are!



What is your 'be your dope self'?

Why be your dope self?

Having once been afraid to be who I am, I feel you. 

Not being my dope self,

I was not happy.

I felt repressed.

I had a 'void', and an actual hole in my heart.

It gets exhausting.

It hurts WAY MORE not to be who you are.

The journey to self healing is never ending. It takes courage, to face our darkness. To choose love over fear.

Ulimately, to be who we really are.

 Don't you want to live your dopest life?

The life you truly yearn?

As I became my dope self, I aligned for 

what's truly meant for me; 

my life purpose - this! acting & stunt gigs.

 certain relationships, my soul tribe, etc.

 I feel much more free within and I'm starting to live my dopest life.

Guess what?

You can too.

How do you get there?

- by letting go of... 

Wherever you're at in your journey back to one self,

my vision is to bring you closer to who you are faster in a compassionate and badass way.

Ultimately, It's a choice.

It starts with you.

Dare to be brave?

Find out how.

Stoked to  journey with you!

We got this.

'll motivate you to be brave.

I'll help you shift perspective &  break free from self-limiting beliefs.

I'll remind you of how dope you really are.

I'll give you my badass tips on how to be your dope self,

so you can align with your dreams and live your dopest life.