Hey What up! I want to share with you this 30 days creative self-challenge I embarked on during the pandemic! Whether it was posting a video, a pic with a story behind it, a perspective, a quote depending on what I felt, and what I wanted to express over 30 days!

Throughout this creative self-challenge I discovered a lot about myself, about my creative process, and it helped shift my vibe during these crazy times!

Though we sometimes feel doubtful about our own creativity, whether it’s because we want it to be “perfect”, and be received by others, by focusing more on just being. This creative being that you are, setting the intention to create (from a place of love) on a daily, whatever it may be ( a project, an idea), we are more open, receptive, and ideas come rushing in way more 😉

When you create, just to express and share, the experience is so much more enjoyable!

So what you waiting for?

Inspire yourself for a creative self-challenge, of your choice, and see where it takes you 😊

Much Love to You All, Peace!

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