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My dope self story (still writing)


What up! So dope to vibe w/ you!

A little background check on me: years ago, I was afraid to be who I am. So much, that I shunned my 'darkness'; and thus repressed the parts of me, that were different. Only to discover later on, that this stemmed from holding onto old paradigms (within my environment) and my own limiting beliefs.

Fortunately, (as always) the universe had my back and in 2010, just as I got accepted into an exchange program in SPAIN (my dream then) I was led to discover, a hole in my heart (aka an atrial septal defect).  Thank the universe,  that heart surgery started to awaken the shit out of me  ( the 'hole' I had was me avoiding to feel, to love - to BE, crazy huh? Yo, It took me years to connect the dots!


That's when I realized I had felt 'empty' inside. I thought to myself: I got a second chance. To FEEL ALIVE. To be Reborn. To "do" what I love. Be me. Break Free from old paradigms, self-limiting beliefs, and anything that held me back from being who I am & Living my Dopest Life! 


(Get ready for my gemini moon lol Ima do my

best to keep it as short as possible! )

Ouf, let me just say the dope self journey is one hell of a ride, dark AND epic at the same time! When you commit to becoming who you are, there's so much inner hustle pho real. BUT it's WORTH IT.


My new story all began with "Dance Your Heart Out", (a dance fundraiser I created to raise awareness about heart disease, and ultimately passion), which then (ironically!) inspired me to explore

what makes my HEART come alive.

That's when I felt called towards creative arts, such as music, dance, acting, stunts/film-fighting.

Towards this whole new world of self-expression, I had never allowed myself to truly experience before.

From those spaces, I began to heal, and discover more of who I am... 


Like any one else though, throughout my 'awakening' journey, I was faced with my own darkness. All the parts of me I tried to SUPPRESS. It was only after a decade of 'fighting myself' that I finally got fed up of 'suffering', and started to entertain a lighter, higher perspective of

"What if I chose to love myself instead?"

What if I leaped towards love (over fear of being rejected ) and finally embraced what makes me 'different' : my unconventional ways of thinking & being, of my sexuality, and of pursuing the path less-traveled as a freelance artist (stunt actress), & entrepreneur in personal branding,

No university degree just LIFE university - Fvck Yas!).


From that deep curiosity, I truly started to cultivate new stories/beliefs, and

embarked on experiences that made me feel DOPE in who I am.

During the pandemic, I did something I never thought I'd do. I came out as 'bisexual', to my ASIAN family on Youtube (and it turned out way better than I thought!). Although I was terrified AF at the time, my ninja warrior had my back and got me to fight for my heart. This meant free-ing myself by shining light and love on my sexuality (even if it was different than what I was taught to believe), and to inspire others on a similar journey.  

So Who Am I? 

On the journey to truly discovering and experiencing who I am, I realize

we are born to be different - We are of many shades, both light and dark (that's what makes us dope!)

It's when we come to full acceptance and let ourselves vibe with all that we are , that we can truly BE who we BE, our dope self.

With that said, I am now 'feeling' more myself, multi-vibrational - Christine, the Spiritual G, a Creative Artist, Ninja Warrior & most recently Divine Feminine.  I discovered this vibe within me when I was looking for 'home' during my digital nomad journey in Costa Rica last year. Through it, I launched The Dope Self Podcast, and stepped towards my mission by launching The True Warrior Workshop. Thanks to her, I trust and let my heart lead the way more than I ever have. I've started to create a  reality that feels truly aligned with me. I 'do' what feels dope in my heart, whether it be dope self coaching, conscious content creation, yin-in' actin',dancin', rappin', warrior-in', writin', to chillin' with pacha mamma, spiritual retreats, sitting w/ plant medicine when I get the call :P,  to vibin' with dope souls & community.

All in all, I love to go deep and I'm infinitely drawn to LEVELLIN' UP. 


  Truthfully, I feel like we're never-endingly healing lol, un-layering other dope VIBRATIONS within us,

and at times we question who the f*ck we are,  but I've learned that as long as we strive towards love,

we on the dope self path.

My vision for the world, is for all of us to align with our dope vibe. TRULY BEING who we are. In our fullest expression. Co-creating from the heart & LIVIN' our dopest life, . 

Then, there would be less illness, less hate, less war. You with me? 


I'm experiencing that the more I align with my true vibe,

the more I'm creating my dopest reality.

Afterall, Your VIBE IS your first impression.

Where it all begins. 

Dare to align with your dope self?




Peace & Much Love,

Christine, The Spiritual G  and multiple other vibes <3

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