How I became
Christine, The Spiritual G 


What up! So dope to meet you!

A little background check on me: years ago, I was afraid to be who I am. So much, that I shunned my 'darkness'; and thus repressed the parts of me, that were different. Only to discover later on, that this stemmed from holding onto old paradigms (within my environment) and my own limiting beliefs.

Fortunately, (as always) the universe had my back and in 2010, just as I got accepted into an exchange program in SPAIN (my dream then) I was led to discover, a hole in my heart (aka an atrial septal defect).  Thank God,  that heart surgery started to awaken the shit out of me  ( the 'hole' in my heart was avoid to feel, to love - crazy huh?) 


That's when I realized I had felt 'empty' inside. I thought to myself: I got a chance man. To be 'REBORN'. To do what I love. Be me. Break Free from old paradigms, self-limiting beliefs, and anything that held me back from being who I am & Living my Dopest Life! 


How ?


Ouf, it's a tough ride, dark AND dope at the same time! Ever since my heart surgery, I chose to commit to my inner hustle - To set out on this crazy journey within towards self-discovery, self-growth & self love. It feels never ending, but  it's SO worth it.


 It all began with "Dance Your Heart Out", (a dance fundraiser I created to raise awareness about heart disease, and ultimately passion), which in turn, I felt pulled to explore art, such as music, dance, acting, stunts. Through these mediums, I realized the more we express our true selves, do what we love, and live in passion, the more we can further discover who we are. And that's when I began to heal...


Throughout my 'awakening', like any one else, I was faced with my own darkness. After a decade of 'fighting within' (I was stubborn AF) I finally got fed up and said "F*ck it. Fighting myself hurts way more than to love myself. " That's when I decided to embrace the parts of me that felt different - that once made me feel shame & guilt! Whether it was my unconventional ways of thinking & being, of living in shades of grey especially in regards to my sexuality, and of pursuing the path less-traveled as a freelance artist (stunt actress), & entrepreneur in personal branding/coaching, without any university degree- Fvck Yas!), Ultimately, I started to cultivate new beliefs that made me feel DOPE in who I am.

With that said, during the pandemic, I came out as 'bisexual' - as someone who feels in "grey" to my ASIAN family via Youtube. Although I was terrified AF, I was able to do it by choosing to feel free within and love all of who I am, in hopes to inspire others on a similar journey.  

So Who Am I? 

 I am now much more me (and ever changing). I am of many shades - both the dark and the light. I am a creative being, a soul, attracted to depth and growth. I love what I do, from acting, stunts, personal branding/coaching, to storytelling through art.

At times I tell myself,"Damn. If I would've known then what I know now, I could've been my dope self way sooner". But that's the dope thing about this journey. We heal on our own time, and in our own ways ;)


 We are reborn everyday and so far here I am. I don't have all the answers. I'm still healing and at times I question who the f*ck I am, but through it all, I've learned some bad ass ninja "skills" that now help me grow through shit in life lol.

Ultimately, my beliefs have SHIFTED, and that

makes ALL the difference.

 The more I step into being my dope self, the more I thrive in my dreams, and in life.

You Can Too!

After a decade of journeying within, The Spiritual G was born! Today, my vision, my obsession is to help you be your dope self, so you can live your dopest life!

 After all, Your Dopest Life Begins Within You.

So brave soul, wherever you're at, It's never too late ! ;)

Dare to be your dope self?

Begin Here


Peace & Much Love,

Christine, The Spiritual G <3

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