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Meet Christine, The Spiritual G

What Up! I'm Christine, The Spiritual G.

I'm glad you showed up. If you're here, give yourself mad props. 'Cause you're brave AF to do your inner hustle & To be your DOPE self.

A little background check on me: Years ago, I was afraid to be who I am. So much, that I shunned my darkness, the parts of me, that made me feel shame. Only to discover later on, that this shame I felt, stemmed from holding onto old paradigms (within my environment) and my own limiting beliefs. 

Fortunately, (as always) the universe had my back and in 2010, just as I got accepted into an exchange program in SPAIN (my dream then) I was led to discover, that I had a hole in my heart (aka an atrial septal defect).  Thank God,  that heart surgery awakened the shit out of me - to be "reborn" (the 'hole' in my heart was avoid to feel, to love - crazy huh? )

That's when I thought to myself: Yo. I got a second chance man. I wanna do what I love. Be me. Be Free from societal labels, old paradigms, self-limiting beliefs, and whatever else that held me back from being who I am & living my dopest life! 

How do you get there?

Living Your Dopest Life Starts With Being Who You Are.

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Be Free in What You Feel

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Here, I share with you motivational content about self-discovery, self-growth & self-love, to empower you on your journey to becoming your dope self!

Become Your Dope Self

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