Show Who You Are. Different is Dope.

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whAT is "brand your dope self"?

'Brand Your Dope Self' strives to creatively show the parts of you that may feel different 

but that ultimately make you dope in who you are.

It's an intuitive authentic branding approach in telling your story & showing your true vibe, via creative mediums. 

why "brand your dope self"?

We are not born to be the same.

We are born to be different & dope.

 As a Freelance Artist, Stunt Actress, Coach & Entrepreneur, I feel you.

At times, we may compare ourselves to the success and paths of others.

I've learned we are much more magnetic and aligned when we focus on what we can offer,

and ultimately, on what makes us different & dope in being who we are.



Having studied Marketing previously, and while I 'branded' myself as a stunt actress I discovered 

my passion for it and learned to align w/ the opportunities,

and roles I had truly yearned to experience such as lead roles in indie films that conveyed an inspirational message, or awesome 'fighting' shows like star trek.

The more we show who we are, the more we align w/ the opportunities meant for us, not only

in our career, but in other aspects of our life as well. 

When you Brand Your Dope Vibe, You begin to Align with Your Dopest Life.


how do i "brand your dope self"?





I go about every project differently, as every soul is dope in their own ways.

I intuitively tap into your higher self's vibe and vision to which I then bring forth through

creative mediums, that are aligned with your highest expression.

In truth, I don't really do 'branding'.

I capture you 'being'.

In your Truest & Dopest Vibration.

Throughout our journey together,

I help you align w/ your dope self, so your true vibe is felt in what you do.

I highlight your unique skills, and empower you to share your gifts.

I tap into visuals & messages from your higher self, to help guide you in your highest creation & expression.

I help you embrace the parts of you that are different, and challenge you to step into your dope self.

Ultimately, I intuitively coach you in the direction that is most authentic, to who you are.

That spot, where the magic happens.  

Lastly, as someone who was once afraid to be herself, I understand how hard it can be to

embrace the parts of us that make us feel different, let alone show who we are.

As your Spiritual G Coach and collaborator, I'm here to remind you how dope you are and

help you creatively show your true self in what you feel called to do.



 my vision through branding is to help you align with your dope self

so you can attract opportunities meant for you and in turn,  live your dopest life!

Whether you're an artist, a coach, an entrepreneur, brand your dope self is a badass journey of

true self-discovery and creative expression!

I am passionately committed af to show how different & DOPE you are.

Dare to Brand Your Dope self?

Peace & Much Love, 

Christine The Spiritual G <3