Brand Your Dope Self

Show Who You Are.

Different is Dope.

whAT is brand your dope self?

'Brand Your Dope Self' strives to creatively show the parts of you that are different  but that ultimately make you who you are.

It's an authentic branding approach in telling your story, showing your dope vibe, via creative mediums. 

why brand your dope self?

In a world where we often strive to be the same, why not be different? 

Different, is DOPE.

 As a Freelance Stunt Actress & Entrepreneur, I feel you. The

unconventional route can be tough. Especially given

the uncertainty in the industry, and at times, the tendency to compare ourselves to others' successes and  paths'. Perhaps, it's about focusing more on our journey, what we can offer, what makes us dope.

Having studied Marketing previously, and while I branded myself as an stunt actress, I discovered a passion to do so for others.  

Why Brand?

The more we show who we are, the more we stand out and attract opportunities meant for us, not only in our career, but in other aspects of our life as well. 

That's when I truly understood the value in Personal Branding.

Ultimately, the value in Branding Your Dope Self.


how do i brand your dope self?

Every project is different, as every individual is dope in their own ways.

As one who values and intuitively spots authenticity, I

  get to know your essence, vision and story.  I then suggest creative packages based on your goals.

Having been once afraid to be who I am, I understand how hard it can be to embrace our darkness, the parts of us that make us feel different,

let alone, show who we are. As your Spiritual G Coach, team-mate, collaborator, I'm here to remind you how dope you are.

I strive to show the parts of you, that at times we hide, but that ultimately make us stand out. I highlight your dope skills and strengths, challenging you within your "comfort" zones. I coach you in the direction that's most authentic, to who you are. Where the magic happens. Ultimately, 

Through branding your dope self, my vision is to empower you by showing your dope vibe in doing what you love, so you can be more 

in alignment with you are, and in turn, serve as a foundation to attract all that's meant for you.

Lastly, I am passionately committed to discovering and

branding your

Dope Self.

Dare to Brand Your Dope Self?

Much Love, 

Christine, The Spiritual G <3



Yanik Ethier

Professional Actor (Arrow

“Christine is a BADASS. She just knows exactly how to zero in and get the best out of you. She’s got this wisdom that she brings to her work, that is no bullshit and absolutely truthful. She really lets you explore - that’s what makes the experience with her so fulfilling and rewarding! 

We barely knew each other, and she was able to narrow in on my essence, of what I could bring to the character that she knew intuitively were there. The scene required me to be very vulnerable, and she created that space that allowed me to explore.

It was something like I’ve never experienced before seriously. 


I’d definitely work with her again and strongly recommend experienced actors to get coaching with her. Just book her!

Vee Lorena

Professional Dancer (Loud) 

"Christine is an amazing coach, artist and person. The combination of all these assets puts her in a position to be an amazing mentor. I knew that branding was important, but it was with her help that I grew my vision and brand. She is really patient and well organized. She will find the sparkle missing to your journey."

Mimi Côté

Stunt Actress (Unité 9)

"Christine’s someone you don’t forget. You’ll remember her energy, her sense of humor and her authenticity. Her way of working is very organic. She helps you see the bigger picture, and reminds you that you’re not just one thing, you’re many things. She'll make sure to bring out the “colors” of you, that highlight your true essence. So, if you want to explore and discover your essence, Christine's your go to. She's like a monk that guides you on your path. To me, she’s an awesome mentor – infinitely gentle, and patient. She’s, Christine."

Alexander Kor

Professional Photographer

"Christine was able to tap into the mind of the actress, to get the sense of her essence, and what her vision might align with the actress' vision, in terms of what would be the next step, not just in taking the picture and getting the portfolio but also in guiding her along her path to pursue her goals and her dreams in the acting field. That, I really admire about Christine."

Jordan Clyde

Professional Actor (Bad Blood)

"Whenever I have a self-tape audition I go to Christine, both for the technical and coaching aspects she brings to the table. She asks great questions that help put my mind where it needs to be optimally to perform, and her positive energy is contagious. Above all, she is a master at helping me integrate/bring out my authentic self into every character I play. I highly recommend her to all actors especially those who are looking to show more of their essence in their performances."  


Dope Self brandingng

Coaching & Consulting

Rate is /30 mins

  • Creative plan for  your goals (i.e. branding yourself as an actor, entrepreneur etc)

  • Select Media for your Reel/Port that show your dope self

  • Website Rebranding Creative Consultation

  • On Set Coaching to bring forth your dope self  

  • Branding Consultation (i.e. Logo, project concept, etc)

your Dope Self Tape

Anchoring your dope self to the character

Rate is /hr

  • Creating a 'safe' and positive space for the actor to explore

  • Guiding the actor to bring forth their true essence on screen

  • Filming & Edit (Professional Quality Footage)

  • Reader provided

  • Exercises/Questions to connect to your dope self & the character

  • Rehearsal (optional)

Your Dope self 


Showing your Dope Self

on Photos

  • Collaboration with a professional photographer

  • Pre-production (location scout, wardrobe suggestion etc)

  • Creative concept/plan based on your vision

  • Creative Direction & Coaching on set to bring forth your dope self on pictures

  • Assistance in Selection of Photos to Brand Your Dope Self



A one stop shop to show your dope self

  • Creative Conception on how to tell your dope story

  • Guiding you to bring forth your dope self on screen

  • Collaborating with you to tell your story in an impactful way

  • Collaboration with a Professional Videographer & Editor (High Quality Footage)

 Limited offer (apply by submitting your story & vision)

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