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Show Who You Are.
Different is Dope.

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What up! I'm Christine aka The Spiritual G
& throughout my journey to Who I BE, I realized we are not just one thing. We are multi-vibrational. Through intuitive branding, I help you show your DOPE vibe in all that you 'do' so you no longer need to CHASE. Ultimately, so you can ALIGN with the F*ck Yas clients & opportunities that are
meant for you.
Afterall, your vibe is truly your first impression.

whAT is "brand your dope self"?

'Brand Your Dope Self' strives to creatively show the parts of you that may feel different 

but that ultimately make you dope in who you are.

It's an intuitive authentic branding approach,

bringing your badass heart & true vibe, into your MISSION! 

why "brand your dope self"?

We are not born to be the same.

We are born to be dope, multi-vibrational.

 As a Freelance Artist, Stunt Actress, Coach & Entrepreneur, I feel you.

At times, we may compare ourselves to the success and paths of others.

One dope takeaway throughout my creative artistic journey, 

is that our VIBE is truly our first impression.

I've learned from experience that we are Magnetic AF when we focus on what we can offer,

on what makes us different & ultimately, dope in being who we are.



Having studied Marketing previously, and while I creatively 'branded' myself as a stunt actress

I discovered my passion for it and learned to align w/ F*CK YAS opportunities,

and roles I had truly yearned to experience such as lead roles in indie films that conveyed an inspirational message, or awesome shows I 'fought' on like star trek. In the last recent year, I've aligned with amazing opportunities at an Ayahuasca Retreat in CR, Awesome In-person Podcast interviews w/ dope souls like Nick Onken, and clients that are ready to dive DEEP & show up. Ultimately, that truly value me and what I do.


how do i "brand your dope self"?


Every project is different, as every soul is dope in their own vibe.

With the help of some Reiki, Astrology, Human Design, and ultimately my intuition,

I guide you to your true vibe, highest expression and vision. I then co-create with you to bring forth all this

via creative mediums. No matter where you're at on your biz and mission, I'm here to help you

put your true vibe into it ;).

In truth, I don't really do 'branding'.

I capture you 'being'.

In your REAL AF vibration..

At times, during the branding sessions I intuitively bring in some dope exercises for you to get into your

dope vibe given what we are intentionally co-creating.

All to say, I take in consideration your Human Design, and Astrology placements to better guide you in a way that is 

aligned with your unique make up, whether it is how you're meant to express, how you receive messages and ultimately make decisions.

Throughout our branding journey together,

I help you connect with your higher self, so your true vibe is felt in your brand.

I highlight your unique skills, and empower you to share your gifts.

I tap into visions & messages from your dope self, to assist you in your creative expression.

I inspire you to embrace what makes you different, and to step into who you came here to BE.

Ultimately, I intuitively guide you towards what is most aligned, with your heart.

Where your true being is experienced.

Where the dope magic is created.  

Lastly, having once been afraid to be who I am, I understand how hard it can be to

embrace the parts of us that make us feel different, let alone show who we are.

As your Spiritual G Guide and co-creator, I'm here to remind you how dope you are and

help you creatively show all of your true vibe, in your soul mission.



 my vision through branding is to help you align with your dope self

so you can attract F*CK AF clients & opportunities meant for you and in turn, live your dopest life!

Whether you're an artist, a coach, an entrepreneur, this is one  creative experience of

self-discovery and true expression!

I am passionately committed to show how different & DOPE your vibe is.

Dare to Brand Your Dope self?

Peace & Much Love, 

Christine The Spiritual G <3