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IF you've landed here, there's no coincidence.

 I want to begin by sayin' big props to YOU for saying YAS to your dope self, and for being open to VIBIN' UP. I see you. I feel you, annnnnnnd I'm so stoked to journey with you!

If there's one thing I learned is that becoming who we BE is NOT easy. haha. It sure ain't pretty. But Yo. This is what our soul signed up for. We're here to dive DEEP and FEEL the uncomfortable and the scary, in order to HEAL past millions of lifetimes. (Aren't you tired of comin' back for the same sh!t? I AM haha! )

Having once been so repressed and disconnected from who I am, and THE DOPE VIBRATIONS WITHIN ME  (to the point where I had a hole in my heart),

MY MISSION is now to guide badass souls in feelIN' all that they are so they can align

w/ their dope vibe and live their dopest life!

That's when we begin to EXPERIENCE what it FEELS to truly BE. ALIVE.


With more than a decade of heart-opening experiences, and committing to becoming who I BE (still on it), I have learned some pretty BADASS hacks and creative self-expression alignment rituals. To shift into your own dope vibe. After all, we aren't meant to fit in ONE kinda vibe! We are multi-vibrational.


While on the journey to self-discovery, I've come to know that we all process and heal in our own way. In our own timing. Ultimately, we are 'designed' to receive, love and express in our own unique and dope way. Which brings me to, how I am called to guide others. In the way that is most aligned with YOU and your vibe! In the last several months, I've been learning more about energy healing (attuned to Level 1 & 2 Reiki), the heart chakra, as well as Human Design, Astrology, and recently Gene Keys, 'creation codes', numerology... the scorpio in me finds it so  intriguing to unravel the dope-ness of one's soul through multiple modalities.

Given my training & experience in Acting/Film-fighting,  as well as directing others artistically, I've found it exciting AF & hugely beneficial in guiding others in embodying their dope & higher 'character' of themselves, and reality they yearn to experience. Life is a movie yo. We're here to play out our dopest script aka live our dopest life!

Bottom line is, I serve for deep transformation. NO BS. NO cutting corners. Most Def no by-passing, but I'm here to grow with you at your aligned pace, and create a safe space throughout for you to feel what you feel, and be free in who you are.

All in all,  the work I 'do',  is HEART-based. 

Where your true desires are 'manifested'.

Ultimately, Where your true BEING is experienced.



Dare to FEEL your dope self & VIBE UPPP?

I got some DOPE EXPERIENCES for YOU here!

Need more details to know which offering is aligned w/ you?

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