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IF you've landed here, there's no coincidence.

 I want to begin by sayin' big props to YOU for saying YAS to your HEART AF dope self, and for being open to VIBIN' UP. I see you. I feel you, annnnnnnd I'm so stoked to journey with you!

If there's one thing I learned is that becoming who we BE is NOT easy. It sure ain't pretty haha. BUT This is what our BADASS souls signed up for. To dive DEEP and FEEL the uncomfortable & scary, in order to HEAL past soooo many lifetimes. I don't know about you but I'm TIRED of comin' BACK for the same SH!T! :P

Having once been deeply repressed and disconnected from who I am,

(to the point where I had a BIG hole in my heart),

MY MISSION is now to ACTIVATE badass souls to let their heart LEAD so they can

BREAK-FREE from the MATRIX Mentality, Align w/ who they BE & Create Their Dopest Reality!

Ultimately, to LIVE without REGRET & Truly FEEL ALIVE.


With more than a decade of committing to my heart AF path, in becoming who I BE (still on it) & ALIGNED heart-activating experiences (including my heart surgery), I have gathered some pretty BADASS hacks, 'systems' and creative heARTistic self-expression rituals to FEEL from your HEART & Align w/ who you're meant to BE.

[Afterall, your dopest life begins WITHIN YOU]



Throughout my journey to self-discovery, I've come to learn that we all process and heal differently, in our own timing. Ultimately, we are 'designed' to receive, love and express in our own unique, dope way. Which brings me to, how I am called to  guide others. In the way that is most aligned with YOU and your vibe! In the last year, I've been learning more about energy healing (also attuned to Level 1 & 2 Reiki), chakras (esp the heart), as well as Human Design, Astrology, and recently emotion 'codes'...My scorpio is passionately driven to unravel the dope-ness of one's soul through multiple modalities!! 

Given my training & experience in Acting/Film-fighting,  as well as creative directing, I am passionately driven to guide others in embodying their dope & heart af 'character', and EXPERIENCING their aligned realitie(s).

Bringin' in some true warrior, acting, 'music' DANCE and much more to the mix!

Life is a movie yo....AND  We're here to PLAY our dopest script !

Bottom line is, I serve for deep transformation. NO cutting corners. NO by-passing. Yet, I'm here to intuitively guide you at your most aligned pace, and create a safe space throughout for you to feel free in wherever you BE.

All in all, my 'work' is HEART-based

Where your true desires are 'created'.

Ultimately, Where your true BEING is experienced.


Dare to GROW through some BADASS Vibrational Experiences?!

Discover all my offerings here

Want to FEEL into which offering is aligned w/ where you BE?

[Catch a vibe on how I guide in this video]
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