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Dare to go Next Level?


Dare to Get Some Dope ‘Into-Me-See’?


Being with yourself – can be tough. It can get lonely AF.

Especially during these periods of uncertainty, chaos, and confusion.

More than ever, we’re vulnerable. We want to connect. We want to feel Love.

How do we do that, ‘alone’?

It’s a challenge man.

Even for those of us who choose to be ‘alone’ to heal, to realign, and to self-love.

Being with yourself, is Scary.

It’s BRAVE AF to cultivate the time to go within, to face ourselves and experience

some Next Level Intimacy.

-->You get to know yourself, deeper than ever.

How you truly feel. What you truly yearn. Who you truly are.

--> You get to UNLAYER.

While being with ourselves can be hard especially after having been in a serious relationship or around someone for so long. Trust - It does get better.

Often, we hold onto relationships, because we’re scared of being ‘alone’.

Of what we might discover within ourselves, during these moments…

I feel you.

For quite some time, I chose not to be in relationships or be intimate with others so I can heal, rediscover who I am, and learn to love myself more. Ultimately, I wanted to feel love and wholeness within while being ‘alone’.

It was hard AF to say the least. There were times I felt complete darkness. Wounds would resurface, especially the ones I had repressed and escaped through relationships…

However, I then started spending more time with myself – on a deeper level. I meditated, I wrote, I created, danced, expressed myself through things that I love, and through it – I discovered my true feelings, desires and who I am…It was through facing myself that I truly began to heal.

I can’t say the journey of being with yourself, is easy.

There are moments I also yearn to share myself, deeply connect with that dope someone…

I believe it's 'normal' to feel this way...

-->Whenever I feel a sense of ‘loneliness’ I do the following :

- Remind myself that I’m aligning for the love & relationships I truly yearn to experience

- Transmute this energy by connecting with myself (i.e, meditation, creating art, dancing)

- Focus on giving myself the loving feelings, I need, The way i want to be loved. (I hug myself, for real)

You can too.

Some days will be harder to be with yourself- to be ‘alone’.

During these moments of loneliness, we have the opportunity to cultivate a dope self-relationship, and go next level. To cultivate more self-love and wholeness, within.

Something only we can give ourselves.

--> The more we feel connected to ourselves, the less ‘alone’ we’d feel.

-->Being with ourselves, we can 'unlayer', heal, grow and get closer to who we truly are…

And that's when we can start aligning with all the dope shit that's meant for us.

Whether you're in a relationship or not,

You're BRAVE to be with yourself.

Your higher self is so damn PROUD of you

for taking the time to cultivate a relationship with yourself,

to align with what you truly yearn & who you are…

On that note,

It’s going to be okay.

I’m on this journey with you. 🤍

You’re never alone...

Or as @philgoodlife says, "we are not alone – we are ‘all-one’."

The next time you feel lonely…:

- Remind yourself that you're DOPE AF to be with.

- Give your-self a chance & be open - your higher self’s dying to vibe & get intimate with you.

- Spend time doing something you *love*, with yourself. Be present, Unlayer…

Get some Dope ‘Into-Me-See’. ‘See’ Yourself, Next Level. ;)

Sending you some loving vibes during these 'lonely' times.

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Much Love,

The Spiritual G

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