Don’t you just love it when you're jus 'chilling' in your own vibe, and things just come?

Do less. Attract MORE.


Now that we’re in the red zone, we got time man. And we can do LESS by focusing more on aligning ourselves within – on being who we are. Being in a state of alignment – what feels good and what’s true to you. And you’ll attract all kinds of dope shit.

When we’re constantly reaching out, trying to ‘make’ things happen - When we try to do MORE and thus be in control – we are in a state of resistance, and in turn it repels, people, situations, events.

Align rather than CHASE.

For those of you who love to be productive, and take action. I feel you man. At times, I find it hard to do ‘less’, however during the pandemic, I realized the more we are just being, in your own vibe, chilling and trusting that things will unfold and fall into place, that’s when dope shit happens. That’s when we get more into alignment, and in turn, attract certain people, opportunities, situations, events, that are for us.

Align to Attract.

So yas. At times by doing LESS, we ACTUALLY attract MORE. AND We give the universe room to do what it wants to do for us! Trust.

--- Where in your life can ya chill a bit more, do less, and let things, happen the way they're meant?

--- Focus more on alignment, on being who you are – and yo, dope things will just show up.

Challenge of the day: Jus Chill & do you. Let things come to you ;)

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