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Do You. All Of You.

Why Limit Ourselves?

Aren't You Tired Of Being Told "You Can Only Be One Thing"?

...We live in a society where we're often labeled, categorized (divided) and encouraged to fit inside a "box". Where's the freedom in that?

As (human) beings, We are not just one thing 👽 We are multi-faceted, we are of many colors, many shades. And We Are #Reborn Every Day...

... While I pursued the artist route, I was often told that I had to Choose One Thing. To Focus on One thing...But what if the purpose isn't to Master One Thing? What If the purpose is to Just Be. To Do What You Love, Moment to Moment as You Feel it. #Living... 🖤

➡️ Why Limit Ourselves?

When You Can, Do You. ALL Of You.🔥

Much Love & Peace!

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