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How To Get Real Intimate?

Be Brave - Get "Naked"

Craving Intimacy during a period of “Social Distancing? I feel you!

In this video, I’ll Share 3 Ways on How to Get Real intimate and Let Your Guard down during this time, when we may need* it the most 😉

Perhaps, with everything going on, this is an opportunity to shift our perspective, that True Intimacy, is more than physical... Getting physical is fun and all, but intimacy isn’t just about taking each other’s clothes off. It’s about Letting Yourself Be Seen. It’s being Vulnerable. Because like Brene Brown says “There is no Intimacy without Vulnerability”...

...But, although we may crave intimacy, a lot of us are afraid to experience this…

In this video I share with you 3 Ways to Let Your Guard Down & Get "Naked":

1- Be Open to Getting Intimate with Yourself First. “The more you let yourself in, the more you will let others in”

2- Cultivate Courage to Share Your Inner Self with others “Make your Yearning to Experience True Intimacy, bigger than your fear”

3- “Be Here Now” by Choosing to Live the Moment “Take a leap of faith in the moment without attaching to the outcome. Feel ALIVE.

Lastly, Why Get intimate? To CONNECT. To HEAL. To LOVE. To GROW.

PS. In this video, I’ll also be revealing my own moment of intimacy with you all…;)

Dare to Be Brave?

Join me in this video & Let’s #GETNAKED.

Much Love & Peace!

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