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Leap First, Life Will Follow

Dare to Leap First?

If you're seeing this, it's your *confirmation* to take the leap first yo! 🖤

Often, we like to have everything mapped out prior to diving into new territory, and for good reasons. The unknown is scary AF. When we focus on the “HOW” at times it seems “impossible”. That although we may strongly feel “pulled" towards a new relationship or releasing an old one, moving out from a current living situation, and or venturing towards a dream. Often, we wait until we've got it all "safely mapped out", before taking the leap. Of course, from a logical standpoint it makes sense – we do have responsibilities. But perhaps Life happens*, differently. When we are not in “waiting mode”, when we make a decision* to leap forward and let the universe know that we deserve more, that we are ready to receive. THEN, perhaps, Life, the universe, can follow.

'Weird', how that works backwards huh? Thus, when we feel the strong desire and “pull” to journey somewhere, perhaps this alone IS the only sign we really need, to believe in. The thing is, the dopest shit happens, when we’re in alignment (energetically) when we go with the flow (aka where we’re pulled), when we’re in a state of “open-ness”, and allowing-ness. Moreover, by you taking the leap FIRST, you'd be moving towards alignment with what’s true to you (currently), and for what’s to come next. And so sometimes that may mean, letting go of things that no longer serve you, whether it’s a current environment, a relationship, or even a belief system. So that you can then, be open to receive the dope shit you’re meant to have, and experience.

-- Your Leap First Challenge ---

- Ask Yourself, What’s one 'thing' in your life you feel "pulled" to journey towards? Set the intention for the answer to reveal itself, in time.

- Trust & Believe that this 'thing' is, meant for you (to experience). Honor that.

- Cultivate the courage to Leap First by taking steps towards this new journey, even if it's one step (energetically) and see what happens… 😉

Thank You so much for watching and for your support!

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Peace & Much Love!


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