“The more I get to Know myself, the more I don’t know”...

Perhaps, it’s about being okay with not knowing the answers, or the outcome. It’s about trusting more in the unknown, whether it pertains to what’s taking place within or around us.

How do you let go of the need to know or to control the outcome?!

Oh man, that's tough AF.

During the last Mars Retrograde, I was feeling a little lost – Lost, as in I didn’t know wtf I was going to do next. After releasing my recent videos, especially the one where I exposed my sexuality, I was like shit. Now what? What’s my next, plan of action? But then, I was like mmm. What if NOT knowing is exactly where we need to be? That when we are lost and open, open to allowing, things to happen, or take form we’d be making room for the dope shit that’s already coming.

For a long time, while I was super passionate about ‘pursuing’ my dreams as a stunt actress, I would often find myself, making all these plans, and trying to “make” things happen, and thus I didn’t “let” shit unfold. . For sure taking action is key to success, but while I was trying to control the outcome, I was also, in resistance. I was getting in my own way – not trusting the divine plan, and in divine timing.

For sure, the unknown is scary AF man, but there is FREEDOM in not knowing. In Letting go of the need to control, and in allowing the universe to do its thang, so that things can unfold the way they’re meant to. Because when we put all the pressure on ourselves in “making” shit happen, no wonder we feel anxiety!

For me, during the pandemic, the biggest thing was trusting in DIVINE TIMING – a timing that was beyond what I wanted. And I felt like I was losing “control” of my life – only because I wasn’t TRUSTING enough, in the universe.

Furthermore, when we feel at constant war within, by trying to make things happen, or by needing to know the answers/the outcome, perhaps it’s not about giving up – it’s about giving IN- letting the universe handle that part FOR us. Perhaps then we’d be able to sit back, and actually rejoice in the moment, EVEN if there’s not MUCH going on (that you KNOW of). So yeah, we don’t always NEED to know – and the more we’re okay with not knowing, and not doing, the more we can be free in, being.

So whenever, and if ever you feel the need to control the outcome or to have the answers, I invite you to:

- Let go of all that weight on your shoulders, yas the universe can handle some of that shit

- Chill with the unknown (yeah like sit back, man, enjoy the present moment)

- Trust a little more (in the universe, life, whatever you believe in)

You’d be surprised of how dope things turn out, and in the dope ways you didn’t imagine 😉

As always Ima say it. The universe got yo back.

On that note, We’re in this journey together!

Much Love, Peace!

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