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How Do You Trust In The Unknown?

Don't you find the more you get to know yourself, the more you 'don't know'?

So What If We Don't Know?

Perhaps it’s more about Trusting In the Unknown, and Letting That Unknown Unfold...

How do You Surrender to the Unknown?

It's Tough. As someone who loves to PLAN and KNOW, I feel you.

What IF not knowing is exactly where we need to be?

When we don't know we're in a place of Curiosity...and of Open-ness... I

f we don't try to CONTROL the outcome we can ALLOW things to happen.

We can get out of our own way, and in turn, make room for the DOPE shit that's already coming.

Let The You-Niverse Surprise you :) It's so much funner that way!

When we make less plans, we are open to being pleasantly surprised, with what happens.

As a stunt actress, I booked way more gigs when I was in a place of not knowing and letting things unfold aka gigs come instead of TRYING to do what I can to book!

Taking Action is definitely part of the journey, but a lot more efficient at the right time, when you're in flow, aligned, when the momentum feels good...

There is a period of letting things unfold, that plays a role too...

How to Let go of the NEED to Control?

By Choosing to Trust & Let the Universe do its thang too man.

There is a sense of Freedom in letting go...

When we realize that we are not the only ones taking part in this outcome, it takes the weight off our shoulders.

Moreover, when we feel any resistance or that we're trying to make things happen, perhaps it's less about giving UP, but more about GIVING IN - letting the universe handle the rest of the shit FOR you. Instead, you can choose to sit back and rejoice in the moment, EVEN if there's not much going on.

It'll feel MUCH better.

If ever you feel the need to control the outcome or to have the answers, I invite you to:

- Let go of all that weight on your shoulders yo… yas the universe can handle some of that shit

- Chill with the unknown (yeah like sit back, man, enjoy the present moment)

- Trust a little more (in the universe, life, whatever you believe in)

You’d be surprised of how dope things turn out, and in the dope ways you didn’t imagine 😉 As always Ima say it. The universe got yo back.

On that note, We’re in this journey together!

Much Love, Peace!

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