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Before You Give up, Give IN

Before You Give up, Watch this yo!

Pho Real. I've wanted to give up so many times throughout my journey to healing, towards becoming who I am, and what I feel called to do.

A few days ago, I was like fvck this. I'm done.

Man it's uncomfortable AF to face our wounds, to let go of our old self, of what doesn't serve us, in order to get to who we truly yearn to become...

Then, It hit me.

After all the inner work we've done, and all the shit we've been through especially during the pandemic, We owe it to ourselves, NOT to give up, now.

Instead, we can GIVE IN, to the universe, to what we deserve, to all that's meant and waiting for us.

The world needs you.

Your light, your love.

Ultimately, the world needs you to be your dope self.

Watch this video for dope insights on how to keep on!

We got this,

I love you.

If you vibe with this message and know anyone who needs to hear this, I'd appreciate if you like, share, leave a comment on the youtube video!

"Your Dopest Life Begins Within You."

As always, thx for the support!

See you on the next video, Peace & Much Love !

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