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The Dope Nomad Venture Ep 4

Do what you love, anywhere. ✨

In this episode, I share with you some dope insights about passion & collaboration.

While I was in LA and did a fight scene I realized more and more that we could create our own reality.

Part of that for me is to be able to do what I love no matter where I am, under any circumstance.

When we come from passion, and show up authentically in what we love to do, we align with others on a similar path, who want to co-create from that same place.

Ultimately, The more we do what we love, the more we align with our dope self, and our dopest life.

Live from the heart, & There will be endless possibilities.

I invite you to…

✨Meditate on what you’d love to do and create. (Without limits)

✨Set the intention to call in resources and others who are aligned with your passion ✨Show your dope self & what you love to do.

✨Be open to the possibilities that will show up, and HAVE FUN!

See you on the next one, Peace & Much Love!

#BeYourDopeself#LiveYourDopestLife 😎

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