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How Do You Overcome "Shame"?

*If you've ever questioned your Sexuality, this video is for you. If you've ever felt shame, for what you feel, and ultimately for who you are, this video is MADE for you*

I can't even begin to say how terrified I am, to share with you all this part of me I’ve shunned for too long - This part of my story of how I became reborn, and ultimately, more free in who I am.

As I feel called to empower others to be who they are, I feel it's time to expose this side of me... Given my experiences & attractions if I had to give it a label, as of now, I'd say: I'm bisexual. Then again, perhaps I just, “feel in grey”…

I often felt shame for being different. Whether it was my race, my darker side: thoughts, desires and especially my sexuality - As I tried to understand and fight it – I felt shame for not fitting inside this "box" I was taught to be in. Only to discover that perhaps, things don't always have to be black or white. That, perhaps, freedom could be found within the shades of grey.

With all the injustice in the world, perhaps, true freedom, starts within…With us choosing to be free, in who we are. Whatever your story is, and whatever you were taught to believe, this video is to remind you: you're not alone, you can be brave and you can *choose* to be free in what you feel and free in who you are.

It starts with you 🖤

Thank you to everyone who's accepted and loved me for who I am - especially when I couldn't 🖤

*If this video resonates with you, I'd love to hear your thoughts. And if you know anyone who needs to hear this, share the message. It would mean the world.*

Sending you all 🖤

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See you on the next video 😉


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