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Where are you 'pulled'?

Real talk. It’s your soul, pulling you there. It’s your inner voice, your higher self, telling you, you’re meant for more. That there’s dope shit waiting for you if you just follow that ‘niggling’ feeling.


That strong feeling,

That ‘knowing’

That yearning

Towards something…somewhere…

It might not be clear as to why you’re being called in this ‘direction’…

It’s okay.

The more we follow the ‘pull’, even in little steps, the closer we get to where we’re meant to go – and ultimately, who we’re meant to be.

I remember feeling thepull towards taking the less conventional path as a stunt actress, artist. The more I avoided it, the more the universe pulled me in...

Years later, I’m grateful I followed this ‘pull’ as It led me here.To what I love to do, to who I am.

The truth is.

Life bends for the brave, for those bold enough to take a risk. To go where they’re ‘pulled’.

You’re Brave.

The universe is with you on this.

If you’re waiting for a sign, This is it.

I know it’s scary.

I feel you.

Every time I step into new horizons, I get scared. Whether it’s a new stunt gig, business venture, love. Anything new that pulls me in.

If we’re feeling called, perhaps it’s because we’re meant to go there, to experience and live something dope. No matter the outcome, we’re meant to grow through it.

When we choose to follow our soul’s guidance, it WILL ‘work out’, for you.

Where is your soul feeling ‘pulled’?

✅Close your eyes.

✅Meditate on what comes up…

✅Set the intention to take your first step towards it...

✅Trust you will be guided

Follow thepull, One step at a time

I’m with you 🤍

Much Love xx

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