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"Rejection" or Redirection?

Rejection used to be one of my biggest fears. Whether it was rejection after giving it my all, in an audition, for a job, anything art related that I'd put my heart and soul into, and especially in relationships - whether it be family, friends, or that special person you got your eye on. That you got the feels for.

Fuck. Rejection sucks. And the thing is, when we get rejected it hurts man. Sometimes it makes us wanna shut down. Close up. Or not wanna put ourselves out there, again...

But now reflecting on my past "rejections", I am grateful that they me here. Towards, certain relationships, towards my passions, my dreams, and ultimately towards self-growth and valuing my worth. I now understand that rejections serve as stepping stones, and prepares us for doper shit, that's meant for us.

The thing is, yes it's tough to put ourselves there, when we've been let down so many times. I feel you. But the world needs you open. Thus, Let these "rejections" make you "stronger" and ultimately, make you realize your worth. Because yes, you are worthy.

It's true at times we can't help but take it personal - question whether or not we're good enough. But the more we love ourselves, perhaps we'd see that it is never truly "rejection". That, ultimately, it's redirection. For what's in our highest good. For what's meant for us.

Remember, the universe always got our backs.

On that note, as shitty as it to feel rejected, please do not let it tame you. Break you. Instead, cultivate the courage, to keep on, to follow the pull, to what makes you vibe, to what you love and whatever is for you, will find you.

Keep on & Let yourself be redirected 🖤

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